Company Set-Up

During our initial consultation we will discuss in detail the various options the UAE has available to your proposed business, in order to establish which jurisdiction and licensing
Authority is best suited to your needs. We will discuss the advantages and disadvantages of each, as well as the costs and required documents associated with these options as these factors vary with each jurisdiction and the subsequent licensing Authority.

Our service ensures that our clients can focus on their core business, leaving the tedious formalities to our team. We ensure that our clients have their companies set up in the shortest time frame possible and we leverage our expertise, knowledge and professional relationships to make this happen.

During the initial approval process, we collate the required documents, have documents translated into Arabic and draft business plans/official letters required for submission to the relevant Authority. From the increasing number of companies that we have formed, we have gained an invaluable insight and eye for detail on how Government departments and Authorities operate in this region as such, are able to forsee issues that may be raised ahead of time. This enables us to ensure that these points are addressed from the off-set in order to expedite the necessary approvals. 

Upon receipt of a company’s pre-approval, we then begin preparing the legal documentation such as the company's Board Resolution and Memorandum and Articles of Association. Should the circumstance arise, we are able to organize urgent attestation of documents anywhere in the world through our global affiliates. Our key contribution to your business at this stage will be to push for the fast-tracking of the necessary approvals in order to obtain your company’s approval, and subsequent company incorporation documents as quickly as possible.


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