License Amendments

Making changes to a company’s license can be a confusing and tedious process especially when one is not aware of the Rules and Regulations of the relevant Authorities. Our expertise in these areas ensures that our clients are made aware of the requirements in advance so the formalities and submissions are completed in the simplest and most time-efficient manner.

Whenever a business makes a fundamental change internally, you must notify your licensing Authority within 30 days of the change by carrying out a formal company amendment in order to update and register these changes legally within their register. These changes may be an amendment to your Company's name, Manager, Director or perhaps even Shareholder. Other changes could include an injection of funds to increase the Company’s share capital for reasons such as raising capital from outside investors to fund expansion, pay for a new project, or perhaps to pay a debt.

We have a fully dedicated "License Amendments" team in-house who are able to advise and assist our clients through these processes, ensuring the correct advise is provided to you and the relevant documentation is drafted, legalised correctly and submitted to the Authority to reflect your desired changes.

Change of Licensed Activities

Often, a Company may find itself requiring additional activities to expand its business operations. On the contrary, others may need to scale back their operations to focus on a few selected business activities. Whatever the requirement may be, we can assist our clients in finding the right balance to ensure that the annual licensing fees a Company pays is correct and valid for the precise operations of the business. We will ensure you are provided with the correct advice in terms of activity choice and will draft a business plan to correctly reflect the changes you wish to implement.

Change of Officeholders

We can also assist with adding, removing or replacing the Directors or the appointed Manager of a Company and will ensure that all the necessary documentation is collated at the time of notification so that there is minimal delay in the process of updating the Authorities official registers, as well as the visa cancellation of the individual. The type of document and wording of the clauses within a Resolution will vary depending on the position held by the individual being appointed or removed. Hence, we will draft the documents required and provide advice throughout the changeover process from the subtle nuances to significant requirements, in order to guarantee a smooth transition process.

Increase in Share Capital / Share Transfer

Changes to the share structure of a Company can be a particularly troublesome amendment. These procedures can prove even more difficult if there is a corporate shareholder involved, with the notarization, attestation and couriering of original corporate documents being required as part of the process. We are able to advise our clients on the most time- efficient method of finalizing these changes whilst saving our clients valuable time and money. Should a client be required to sign in the presence of an Authority, we will be on hand to provide a chaperone service for this purpose, or can also be appointed as someone “on the ground” to sign documentation on your behalf to save an un-wanted trip to Dubai.


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