Support & PRO Services

We understand that different Companies have different requirements according to their circumstances and status. For example, many clients are relocating to Dubai for the first time and we understand this initial transition period can be daunting and quite simply a difficult time.

At Magus Consulting, it is our duty to make these processes as smooth as possible by providing a wide range of general support services to our clients, within Dubai and the wider UAE.

Whether these be corporate, governmental or even personal support services that you may require, we provide a wide-range of ad-hoc services to our clients which range from assistance with the opening of a local bank account, conversion of an international driving license to local and worldwide document attestation services.

Our support and PRO services include the following:-

Company Seal

Corporate PO BOX Services

Power of Attorney Chaperone

Certified True Copies

Attestation at Embassy/ Ministries within the UAE

Attestation of Corporate Documents (Worldwide)

Chamber of Commerce Registration/ Renewal

Attestation of Birth/Marriage/Educational/Death Certificates (Worldwide)

EJARI Attestation

Immigration Entry/Exit Reports

Conversion of International Driving Licenses

Alcohol Licenses

Dubai Police Reports

For more information on our support services please contact us on +971 4 587 3344 or email info@magus-me.com.


+971 4 587 3344

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